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Here is my home lab/network

Here is my home lab/network

my home lab.jpg



I like that gnome.  I need one.

this is mine.... (yep there is a palo alto 200 under the fridge and a Fortinet on top of the MX.... lets call it integration testing 🙂 )Home LAB.jpg

under the fridge.... lol  Where did you get that tiny Meraki fridge?!  That is awesome!  And how did the integration testing go?  Everything still functioning as intended?  PANs do make good firewalls from what i have read.  I haven't used one personally though.

ahh the 6pack fridge was a prize years ago, integration testing is really me just me doing exam practice, I have ASA, PAN, Fortinet and MX at the moment, Pan is by far the best followed by fiirepower (not in my lab I only have an ASA) the MX is a good SD-Wan appliance and can at a pinch become a firewall for a small site or edge office in my assessment, I wouldnt use them as the firewall for a major site or DC, which they kinda say too with the vpn concentror only mode option on them.