Meraki Switch Managenent IP will get DHCP even I set it to static

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Meraki Switch Managenent IP will get DHCP even I set it to static

I have set the management IP of the switches in static IP, but one day it suddenly got DHCP from other subnet from core switch. The DHCP will take over the static IP assigned to it.


I just configured trunk from access switch to core switch, same goes to core switch to meraki access switch. Do I need to set Trunk allowed vlan "Management IP" only? instead of allowed vlan "all"? But If I allowed management IP only, does other subnet can pass through the uplink to core switch?





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Check out this documentation about the management VLAN:


Especially the management vlan part:Management VLAN

By default, Meraki switches are configured to use VLAN 1 for untagged and management traffic and all switch interfaces are configured as trunk native VLAN 1. Modifying the VLAN used for management traffic can be done via the local configuration page per switch or globally via the Meraki dashboard:


Did you also change the managment vlan to 101 in the switch settings?

Hi Rwiesmann. I have changed the management VLAN to 101 in the switch setting. It seems all good while doing the migration (getting the correct mgmt IP to connect to cloud), but not sure why yesterday it lets other DHCP that has configured on the core switch take over the static management IP configuration. I did the port cycle on the uplink to core switch, and it back to normal. Just want to seek for the root cause for it.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If the static configuration does not allow the Meraki device to connect to the Meraki cloud, it will try using DHCP instead.

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