API Launch News!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi Everyone!


Yesterday we shared some exciting news about our API services at DevNet Create! 


You can read more about everything that is new on our blog, but to recap, we announced:


 - full support for OpenAPI Specification!

 - new API capabilities, including actionBatches 

 - a brand new Meraki Developer Hub and Meraki Marketplace

 - new partnership integrations with PagerDuty, Ansible, and OneLogin


The Meraki Developer Hub will be especially interesting for folks in this community! This site is an evolution of create.meraki.io that we've released in partnership with Cisco DevNet. The improved site has:

 – Interactive, try-it-now API documentation

 – Codegen libraries (SDKs) for Python, Ruby, and Node.js

 – Updates on new endpoints and virtual labs (the "What's New" tab)

 – An always-on sandbox to test code live on the site

 – Upcoming events, webinars, and many other resources


We'll talk more about all of this in another API webinar next week, May 2nd! Sign up here.


We would love to hear your feedback on the Developer Hub and these announcements! We will also share a link (shortly!) to the keynote session from DevNet Create, where we talked more about the strategy behind this launch and demoed our API services live 🙂