Wifi6 and M-gig

Getting noticed

Wifi6 and M-gig

I feel like this request is a couple of years early but I wanted to get this request out in the open. With the official rollout of the GX50 and the device supporting 500Mbps WAN to LAN it got me thinking about what could be next. So here I go with my wish list.


WiFi 6/6e

It would be great to be able to move customers over to the newer standards in WiFi when the market really kicks into gear. These AP would also support m-gig on their uplink ports as well.


M-gig Switches

To pair the APS listed above it would be great to have a matching switch to support those m-gig APs, and to take tings s step further allow the customer to have a few additional ports for their network i.e. An 8-port switch could have 4 m-gig ports and 4 1g ports. The 24 port switch could have 8 m-gig ports and 16 1G ports. 


I am sure that the GX50 has a 1gig backplane to with this new switch setup the app could auto enable L3 on the switch to keep the traffic at line rate. 


Again I know this is a pie in the sky ask and it won't happen overnight, but I wanted to get the ask out there as we are started the road of a product refresh.

Getting noticed

As I thought about how to make this happen and keep things simple for the customer base. Here are a couple of ideas I bounced around.


1. Limit the amount of VLAN (50-100)

2. Reserve a VLAN outside of the range of allowed VLANs for the Uplink routing

3. Create a screen with some of the following option:

  • VLAN Name
  • VLAN Number
  • Allow communication between other VLANs ( Yes | No | Custom)