Let Meraki Go support Multi-Tenant

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Let Meraki Go support Multi-Tenant

Hi Meraki,

covering a lot of installations @ small customers it would be great if you could provide a multi-tenant functionality direct on top of App or outside via browser interface.


Thnx 4 your support 

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Getting noticed


Agreed as well!
Dave Anderson
Kind of a big deal

This would be ideal!

A model citizen


Getting noticed

Agreed, would be great to have a web based portal for config and maintenance.

Meraki Go Team
Meraki Go Team

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Shared-Admin Management is now live in the Meraki Go mobile app!

[Includes multi-account view, multi-login, and multi-admin management]


Meraki Go 2.5.0 is now live in the App Store and Play Store!What's new:
• Meraki Go now supports having multiple admins to manage your networking equipment!
• Various bug fixes and performance increases



James Wilson
Cisco Meraki

My app updated, and the multi-tenant feature works great!


Thanks for being so responsive to the community requests!

Dave Anderson

This works fantastically, set it up this morning for all our clients 😀

Will the web portal follow, or do I need to set it up on the mobile app first?

Currently, the App.  I have not heard of a Web Portal next.


Managing via the app is easy, so give it a try.


- Dave

Dave Anderson

There is a portal already, just wondering if the portal will follow the app. I have the app, but we can't get the products in Canada yet so I can't test it.

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