Meraki - JohnTrey is here


Meraki - JohnTrey is here

A bit about yourself & your work

Self educated, systems/devops engineer specialized in enterprise industrial application implementation. I've pivoted into the MSP realm in a new position with SHI International as a Sr. Systems Engineer. Today is my first day on the job.


My technology background ranges from industrial automation, complex global network management, software development, and good ol' systems administration.


Your experience with Cisco Meraki

I don't have any production experience with Meraki - yet. I honestly didn't think Meraki was going to make it after Cisco acquired it. But, I've been proven wrong many times - and this is especially the case with Meraki's adoption. So, I'm excited to be on-board.


What you're hoping to gain from the community

I rarely actually participate in these types of communities. I've most definitely taken advantage of their existence though throughout my career. So, I hope to be able to pay back all that I've learned, and will learn, going forward.


A fun fact about yourself

I'm a nerd through and through. I'm a multi-instrument musician, I do some serious astronomy, and I love automating things. I also study a lot - mainly in psychology and astrophysics.

Kind of a big deal

@JohnTrey : welcome to the community Buddy. Nice to see about your experience. 

Inderdeep Singh ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)
Kind of a big deal

Welcome @JohnTrey, I think how Meraki has grown under Cisco actually surprised all the commentators. Shows what an awesome concept it is 😀

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