New here


  1. A bit about yourself & your work
    • Brand new to the industry, quite the learning curve from working in the managed uniform industry. 
  1. Your experience with Cisco Meraki
    • Didn't realize just how prevalent it is in everyday life until now. 
  2. What you're hoping to gain from the community
    • An opportunity to go beyond a surface level understanding of how technology is changing. 
  3. A fun fact about yourself
    • Youngest in a large family, closest sibling in age is still 12 years older than I am. 
Kind of a big deal

Welcome to the community Christopher.


12 years is a lot! I'm a only child.


Once you start paying attention you do see Meraki very often.

Head in the Cloud

Hello @ChristopherChow! The Meraki Community is a great community to be a part of and its a great place to start your Meraki journey. I am not gonna lie, one of my favorite things to do is go to different companies (restaurants, coffee shops, stores, etc..) and see what network equipment they use. I am always proud and give a silent pat-on-the-back to the company I see using Meraki!
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Welcome to the Meraki Community!
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