Hello from WorkgroupIT LLC in Lincoln CA

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Hello from WorkgroupIT LLC in Lincoln CA

I recently relocated to Lincoln CA from the Bay Area. WorkgroupIT LLC is a Managed Services Provider, member of the Apple Consultants Network and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. We strive to bring the security and performance of enterprise security and network products and services to small businesses. Often, a small business cannot access these tools and services due to a lack of expertise, high minimums, and high annual commitments. Cisco Meraki has been a "go-to" for years due to its quality, reasonable price points, and ease of management and monitoring. In today's business environment, facing the challenges of remote work and constant security threats, our services are finding greater acceptance as a necessity rather than an option. As a sole provider, collaborating with other subject matter experts is essential for staying current and breaking down issues that may be outside of my specific expertise.


A fun fact is that I was an early Apple employee and had the opportunity to work directly with Steve Jobs and through early Apple, directly with Bill Gates. Those were fun days!

Meraki Employee

Hello mkane,


I have so many questions, it must have been an exceptional experience to work with such brilliant people, I'm sure you must have some incredible stories to share.


Glad to have another Meraki veteran on board, I'll see you around in the cloud side!

Kind of a big deal

Welcome @mkane 

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