Hello :D

Comes here often

Hello :D

Hi everyone,


I have been in the ISP/IT field for a few year and still learning, I recently started at a new ISP whom introduced me to Meraki which I really enjoy working on. 


I don't have a lot of experience with Meraki but I have work/installed a few MX67 and MR33 but I hope to learn more from this booming community and increase my knowledge on Meraki.



Comes here often

Forgot to add in my post, should I need help can I ask here or can someone send me a link to the correct page.


I need some help with System Manager.


I am trying to configure the companies devices so that when they are connected to the internet they automatically connect to the VPN so that all work is done via VPN.


I also want to know if its possible or if the is a setting to limit what can be stored/saved on a device locally.


I some one can help me in regards to this please let me know should you need more information please let me know.





Head in the Cloud

Hi @LeonJVR 

Welcome to the community.

You may post your queries right here.

Regarding VPN configuration I believe it will work the way you are expecting. (I have never configured though)

Hope you have read the following thread.





Hi @AjitKumar,


Thank you for the quick response I have read a few threads but not the one you have linked.


I will read through it and try to configure the devices and revert back if it has worked.


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