Greetings everyone !

Kind of a big deal

Greetings everyone !

What better way to celebrate my 250th post with a small presentation of my self ?



My name is Raphael ( what a surprise 😁 ) , I'm 26 years old , french Canadian , so expect couple syntax errors and bad wording in my posts! Been working as a network engineer for the past 4 years for one of the biggest "bank" in Canada/North America. Dealing daily with multiple products ( MX , MR , MS , Catalyst Switches , Nexus , Arista , Palo Alto , Juniper and many others )


At first I was very ( but very ) skeptical about Meraki , the lack of CLI and so on , but every day I'm loving more and more Meraki ( huge thanks to the APIs 😀 ).


Love the community , I can almost always find my answer here !


Thanks !

Kind of a big deal

@RaphaelL : Congratulations, Keep it up !

Cisco IT Blogs awarded in 2020 & 2021
Kind of a big deal

@RaphaelL Well done on the 250 posts, and glad you’re enjoying the Meraki experience.

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