VPN traffic goes up and down

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VPN traffic goes up and down

I constantly receive email alerts like the following and was wondering why this occurrs. We have five facilities and this occurs frequently. One thing I have noticed that even when this occurs during business hours, none of the end users complain about loosing connection to the site-to-site VPN. Any ideas as to why this occurrs?


There were VPN connectivity changes in the Wrens Security network.
The site-to-site VPN connection to J+Dewey+Gray+-+appliance is now up.
A total of 2 events were detected:
At 03:49 PM EDT on Aug 8, the site-to-site VPN connection to J+Dewey+Gray+-+appliance went down.
At 03:49 PM EDT on Aug 8, the site-to-site VPN connection to J+Dewey+Gray+-+appliance came up.

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Is your VPN set up as point-2-point?  One of the issues we had run across at one point was the Meraki's AI was doing a kind of backup/redundant routing in the background and it was causing an extra hop through the core system which in turn was causing latency.  The nature of need for that particular VPN was a simple data transfer and backup system so we were able to move it to its own network and set it as a point-2-point with no access to other networks or the organization Meraki core network.  This alleviated a lot of our slowness issues and drops. 

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I have the exact same issue @Mike_Rapp@MerakiJockey505 this occurs with between the VPN connections on Meraki-to-Meraki sites withing my organization. I wish I paid more attention to these emails, but I've come to see them as a non-issue.

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Getting noticed

Along the same lines, multiple times daily get emails about my MX's losing connection to the network and reconnecting.  

I agree it is likely a latency issue and I don't have any end user even notice it. 

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