Unable to access dashboard

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Unable to access dashboard



Is anyone else experiencing difficulties access their dashboard?


If so, have you been able to access any support?


I've not been able to do either and am feeling extremely frustrated by this!


If anyone has any information as to when this issue will be resolved or anyone we can contact,I would be most grateful.


Thanks, Terry.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The shard I am using (n85) is working fine for me.

Cheers Philip,


Any ideas as to how I can access support?


When I call the UK number, I get a voice mail telling me to quote my customer number which can be found by accessing the dashboard...

Thanks but I've tried that number.


Usually there is a way to continue on in the IVR without your customer number.


Have you tried connecting to the dashboard using a different method, like 4G?


Can you connect via the Meraki smart phone app?  If you can do that you should be able to get your customer number.

Thanks Philip,


What's the IVR?


I get the same issue when I log on using a mobile network.

Is there any Error message whit your account? Have you tried to acces with another one?


What Philip means about IVR, is Interactive Voice Response, the record that answer you in the Meraki Support line, there may be an option to continue the call without your customer number.


go through your email and see if you have an email from support previously.  That is how I found mine.  But they are down hard.  Mobile app is down, website is down, not answering phone support, even with customer.


And no, My answer cannot be found in the support pages are meraki.com  GRRRR!!!!!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can also call support using these phone numbers:


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