Topology Doubt


Topology Doubt

I will change all my HQ to meraki, since Switch Core, Access Layer and Access Points, but I have a question about topology and management of switch core.

I have central internet connection on my two DC, so, my switch core should to go to DC to exit to internet. I have a OSPF between my present switch core and the DCs.

My question is, how will work the management interface for meraki switch core with regard internet conection ? Is it something normal to meraki ? There is some best practice in this case ?


Below the topology I would like to create. SP2 and SP3 are my Data Centers


ECE-Topologia Macro.png


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Here to help

Hey Renan,


Regarding management traffic, you'll need to allow traffic out via the firewalls/edge devices you have at SP2 and SP3, using the rules found at  Otherwise there isn't really anything tricky to it. 


You haven't included your firewall/edge device on your diagram.  Are you able to tell us what devices you'll be using for that?  Are they also Meraki or something else?



I don't have any firewall on this topology. 


I have a dark fiber, connected directly to Cisco ACI. 


It is like a point-to-point between my HQ and two DCs

Hey Renan,


You have connectivity to the internet in that diagram - Whatever device sits between you and the internet, Meraki management traffic will need to traverse, for you to be able to manage your Meraki switching.


If you have a more specific question, somebody will be able to give you more specific guidance.

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