Report IP Addresses Over SNMP - Auvik Integration


Report IP Addresses Over SNMP - Auvik Integration

Good afternoon. It would very helpful for my MSP if Meraki reported IP Addresses of MX Interfaces as well as Switch SVIs (Layer 3 Interfaces) over SNMP. 


We use Auvik to monitor bandwidth of interfaces and there are two situations that break without correct IP Address reporting. 


The MX 64 which can use an interface as either WAN 2 or LAN4 does not populate correctly in Auvik. The IP ends up on the wrong interface using the API calls. 


Layer 3 switches are a show stopper for Auvik because Auvik builds each SVI as a physically different switch. If the IP Addresses were reported over SNMP Auvik could build the switch as one physical switch with multiple SVIs. 


I would be happy to provide screen shots or an Auvik to anyone interested. 


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This has been a huge issue for years. Since meraki has limited reporting and alerting when it comes to true network monitoring we really need this basic functionality present in every other enterprise switch. 

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