Saved Changes Not Saved

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Saved Changes Not Saved

Has anyone seen an issue where you save some configuration changes but when you go back it’s still the old setting? I am thinking I am making to many changes back to back and not waiting long enough for the devices to update.


I have witnessed myself someone add a comment to a FW rule just to reload and see the comment blank even though it said saved. I saw something similar happen to me where I was configuring two new wireless networks at the same site with similar settings and one kept the settings where the other lost the last two config changes. Strange...

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yep. Annoying the warning and error messages appear at the top of the page - often off screen. So if you click save and it doesn't stick - scroll to the top of the page and you'll often see the reason why.
Kind of a big deal

I've had the same issue @PhilipDAth mentioned.  I hit save and thought it saved where, in reality, there was an error at the top of the bag regarding the format of the firewall rule, comment etc and it didn't really save.  

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