Router Recommendation

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Router Recommendation

I've replaced my aging Linksys WRT1900AC with the Meraki "full stack" that you can get for free by doing their webinars:

MX64W Security Appliance
MS120-8LP Switch


Everything works great, but my internet connection is 300Mb/s and it turns out the maximum throughput of the security appliance is 250Mb/s. Losing that 50Mb/s isn't a deal breaker, but I just found out Spectrum offers a gigabit connection for not much more than I'm currently paying.


So, can anyone recommend a router/firewall with at least 1Gb/s throughput?

Kind of a big deal

Getting over 1Gbps throughput with stateful inspection is an expensive endeavour in comparison to free kit.


That said, if you're willing to spend, the sizing guide below will show you the different models and applicable specs.

Kind of a big deal

you could look into the MX75 which can go up to a Gig. But it's much more expensive than the MX64.

Kind of a big deal

You could just not use/bypass the MX and get full advantage of the speed.  I know this seems weird, but many (maybe most?) home users just use whatever their ISP provides and maybe add a switch and some APs for larger spaces.


You could still leave your MX connected for learning/playing, but just not use it as your default gateway for traffic you want to get full gig speed for.


Maybe even create two VLANs to differentiate.  VLAN 1 could get DHCP from and route through MX and VLAN 2 could also get DHCP from MX, but use default gateway of the Spectrum kit.  Then you could pick and choose what/when to use each.  I am not familiar with Spectrum, but if they are similar enough to Comcast and at&t I think you should be able to pull it off.  It would be somewhat dependent on how the Spectrum kit works and how much control you have over it.


Good luck.



Kind of a big deal

The most cost-effective option would be the MX67, which has 600 Mb/s of throughput.

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