Network Tests from MS225-24P

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Network Tests from MS225-24P

Hello together,


I want to check the internet connection on a few MS225-24P.

The ISP told me, that there is no problem from their side and it has to be an internal problem.

Is there a way to do something like a speedtest from the switch itselfe?

If yes, is it possible to do this test every 30 min and save the outcome in a log file?

I just want to do that for 24h.




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you go into the tools page of a switch you'll see a throughput test - but you can't rely on this to max out the circuit.  Also it just does a one of test.  You should use a third party tool to verify throughput.



as @PhilipDAth said, the throughput test is not very sophisticated (only downstream is tested) and it can't be scheduled. just connect a device to the switch an run tests from there.


maybe the ping tool on the switch can be helpful as well:


Thanks for your advice.

I suspected that it would not work with the on-board tools...

Too bad.. ok, than I'll have to check that with another device.

Here's my two cents.


Strangely enough, as per Meraki support, the throughput test is not a test to test your internet speed.


That being said, I've noticed the throughput tests on the MR and MX series to provide a more accurate estimation of the internet speed than the switches for some reason. So if you can test using a downstream MR or an upstream MX you'll likely get a better result (even if that AP has to go through the switch).

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