How to use a MX with Internet link and MPLS for Internet access

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How to use a MX with Internet link and MPLS for Internet access

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We are introducing a new MX in one of our brand network which is integrated with L2 MS switches accessing the internet and other branches via MPLS.


The challenge that I am trying to solve is to be able to keep using the MPLS as it is and only allow some VLANs to access the Internet via the Internet link.


Anyone please correct me if I am wrong. As far as I understand, the Internet link will need to be connected to one of the WAN ports (WAN1 or WAN2) and the MPLS link to any LAN port. It means that any Internet traffic will be directed via the Internet link and in order to access the MPLS network I will need to create a static route with a next hop pointing to the MPLS router. However, I still will need to find out how to make the MPLS connection to act as the primary Internet connection for some VLANs.


Another point to mention is that there is not Meraki device at the other end of the MPLS so the solution should not count in connecting meraki devices from both ends.


I hope above described make some sense. Anyway, please do not hesitate asking any extra of information in order to help you make it clearer and help me find out a way to solve this dilemma.



Ricardo Bagnoli

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Given the restrictions mentioned, you wont be able to achieve this.


You would need an MX at the DC or HQ where the Internet connection is to make this work.

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