How do I download individual reports of usage clients?? with dashboard Meraki MS/MX

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How do I download individual reports of usage clients?? with dashboard Meraki MS/MX



I need download the reports of clients usage, is enable reporting for hostnames in network wide general but I cant download these report when I do click in the specific client and its not possible to do "download".


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On Dashboard, if you go to Network-wide > Monitor > Clients, you willsee the option to download the contents of client usage in both CSV and XML formats. If you only need to see the detail for one particular client, feel free to use the search box to filter and show only that one. You can also use the + sign on the right-hand side of the page to add more columns to it, and then extract more information in your report.


For more details about any of those processes, refer to the nice KB article that I am listing below:

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While your solution works for a very top level overall usage amounts from the Client Monitoring page for individual or multiple clients, I'm afraid the same does not hold true when getting in depth detail for a specific client. What I would call the "Network Client Summary" area (I don't believe it has a name other than the client's given name or mac address once you click on the client from the client monitoring page) shows application usage and time spent that is not exportable in this way, via .csv or other. I have submitted wishes for this in the past, but it has never come to fruition. I have resorted to expanding the list shown and printing the site's page to a .pdf. Far from what is expected by "reporting." 

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yeah, thanks, I do a screenshot in .jpg but is not a professional way.


Thanks for help me

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I am not sure if this would work or not, but we use netflow and syslog sent to our ELK (elastic, logstash, kibana) stack.  This provides us with historical views and standard reports for client/device communication.  Great for troubleshooting as well.  If this is not a feasable solution for what you are trying to accomplish no worries.

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