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What is the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist Certification?

The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist Certification will certify an IT professional’s ability to plan, design, implement, and operate Cisco Meraki solutions. It covers extensive knowledge on Meraki technologies including (but not limited to): wireless LAN, switching, security and SD-WAN, wireless WAN, Meraki Insight, smart cameras, and mobile device management.

Who should pursue this certification and is the exam open to anyone or is it restricted to certain groups (i.e. Cisco Channel Partners)?

The exam/certification is open to everyone around the world and is intended for individuals who design, install, and operate Cisco Meraki solutions in environments ranging from small deployments to large enterprises.

What exam is required to obtain the CMSS certification?

Only one exam is required: 500-220 Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions.

How do I register for the exam?

Exam candidates can register through Pearson VUE.

Is this a proctored exam?

Yes - many Cisco certification exams are delivered in a proctored environment at a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center. However, due to the global pandemic, the format of Pearson VUE's test delivery format is subject to change. Please refer to this page regarding the current availability of proctored online exams.

How many questions and how much time is given to participants to complete the exam?

The total number of questions on this exam is not published, but participants have up to 90 minutes to complete the exam.

What language(s) is the exam available in?

The exam is currently offered in the English language only.

How much does the exam for the CMSS certification cost?

$300 USD + tax and Cisco Learning Credits can also be redeemed for exam vouchers.

Are there any certification prerequisites to obtaining the CMSS certification? (i.e. having an associate level certification such as CCNA)

There are no certification prerequisites for this exam.

What are the topics covered in this exam?

A full breakdown of all major and minor exam topics can be found on the official Cisco Learning Network exam website.

What format of questions will show up on the exam?

Questions may appear as multiple choice (single/multiple answers), drag-and-drop, and evaluation of an exhibit/figure.

What type/level of Cisco certification does the CMSS qualify as?

The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist is a technical specialist certification, which recognizes specific expertise of technical professionals.

How long is the CMSS specialist certification valid for?

As a Cisco specialist level certification, the CMSS is valid/active for a duration of 3 years.

Can the CMSS be recertified by other Cisco certifications?

Yes, details can be found on this link - specialist level certifications can be recertified using any of the following methods:

  • Pass any one professional concentration exam
  • Pass one technology core exam
  • Pass any one expert-level written exam
  • Pass any one expert-level Lab/Practical exam
  • Earn 40 CE credits

Does the CMSS recertify other Cisco certifications? (i.e. CCNA, CCNP)

No, it does not. All official methods of certifying across the different levels can be found at this link.

Where can I track my Meraki certifications?

You can track your CMSS status through the Cisco Certification Tracking System, similar to other Cisco certifications. For a Meraki-recognized certification such as the CMNA, you will need to log into the Meraki Partner Portal, followed by clicking on the “Training” tab.

How often is the exam updated and will we see questions about (fill in the Meraki feature/product) in the future?

Please refer to the full exam topic list (link here) for the most up-to-date information. The Cisco certification team along with Pearson VUE will make the appropriate announcements and post notifications well ahead of any major exam revisions.

Will Meraki release future certifications along the associate, professional, or expert tracks?

Our team is always open to feedback and will make public announcements as new developments or information becomes available.

Does obtaining the CMSS certification provide any free Cisco Meraki equipment?

No promotional equipment or licenses are provided upon obtaining the CMSS certification.

How is the CMNA or CMNO certification related to the CMSS certification?

They are not related. Having a certification from either of those programs does directly contribute to your progression/status with the CMSS specialist certification.

  • CMNA is a Meraki-recognized certification program but not related to any of the Cisco career certification tracks. If you have previously completed CMNA, you should still consider going through both ECMS1 + ECMS2 courses.
  • CMNO is a retired Meraki-recognized certification that has since been rebranded as our current ECMS1 training course. If you have previously completed CMNO, you should continue your education with the ECMS2 course.

Does the CMSS help my organization qualify or update our standings within the Cisco Channel Partner Program?

Currently, the CMSS does not fulfill any Channel Partner Program requirements, but we are open to feedback and will make public announcements as new developments or information becomes available.

I noticed that Meraki content is included in the (fill in the name) exam - is that related to the CMSS?

They are not related. Other exams that include Cisco Meraki technologies do not serve as a prerequisite or a method of recertifying the CMSS specialist certification.

How do I prepare for the CMSS certification exam?

Attending/completing the ECMS1 and ECMS2 training programs is highly recommended (but not mandatory) for potential exam candidates. For self-paced preparations, candidates should carefully and thoroughly review the ECMS exam self-study guide as well as the lab supplement.

What is the best way of acquiring Meraki gear + licenses to build my own practice lab?

There are some low-cost methods that can be explored:

  • (Cisco employees only) Employee Purchase Program: link here
  • (Cisco partners only) Not for Resale pricing: link here
  • By participating in special contests/competitions at the Meraki Community
  • By participating in Meraki marketing webinars that include promotional gear
  • Through the Meraki Trials program: link here

Is it absolutely necessary to build my own practice lab to prepare for the exam?

While there are no practical or hands-on “lab” style questions on the exam, it will be very difficult to pass the exam without having familiarity with the Dashboard user interface. Having the proper lab environment will provide opportunity to practice configurations and testing of Meraki features as outlined in the self-study lab supplement guide.

Are there any printed media (i.e. books or study guides) available to be used for self-study?

No - printed media that caters to the CMSS certification is not currently available. However, various Cisco Learning Partners that offer instructor-led ECMS1 and ECMS2 courses may provide printed materials as student “supplement guides”.


Last Updated: May 2023