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Two New Features in SM

Kind of a big deal

Two New Features in SM

1. If you did not see, you can now create Target groups in Meraki. See Systems Manager > Tags (Under "Configure")


2. Also, you can now push profiles before the user reaches the lock screen in iOS. You will have to re-create your DEP configuration and set it as default. You can default it so it takes affect on all newly enrolled/re-enrolled devices.


So, hopefully naming based on AD information coming? Also, when an AD user logs in, push profiles scoped to his/her role (Meraki already pulls security group info, pulling departments here would also be useful) soon... (?)


Thanks Meraki team, these are two great features. 




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Re: Two New Features in SM

could you please explain a bit more those 2 features i didn't personally get it .. 😮
Kind of a big deal

Re: Two New Features in SM

@alexis_cazalaa In iOS, there was usually a delay as profiles were coming down. It makes sure all profiles, wifi, webclips, etc. are installed right after the device is enrolled and while the user is completing setup.


I think the target groups is just to simplify scoping. I have no real use for it, but I guess if your scoping restrictions based on a student being enrolled in a grade and all grades get the restrictions you could make a target group called "All_Students" and target AD security groups containing students in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, etc.

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