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Can't deploy profile

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Can't deploy profile

Hi All


i'm just getting started with Meraki i created a network and was about to test applying security settings, i created a profile to restrict the camera app but receive the following error when pushing it Error: This profile can only be installed on a Supervised device.


it seems a supervised device can only receive these settings and for it to be supervised it needs to be in DEP is this correct?


is there any other way to apply this setting if not in DEP?



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Re: Can't deploy profile

Yes Sir, you are correct ,, certain settings can only be applied to Supervised devices added through DEP

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Re: Can't deploy profile

DEP is the easiest way to supervise an iOS device, but you can also use Apple Configurator to supervise the device as well. Here's Meraki' documentation for doing that.

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Re: Can't deploy profile

Note that Apple configurator is only available on Mac's now. Apple has stopped working on the Windows version.



This is one of the reasons I prefer Android devices for companies when they need management now ... too many restrictions from Apple and you end up getting forced to buy things you don't want and get locked in.

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