webhook: sharedSecret processing

Kind of a big deal

webhook: sharedSecret processing

I'm playing with WebHooks at the moment.  Whenever I used the "Send test webhook" function the JSON I receive is missing the shareSecret.  It is always blank.

I'm planning on testing the sharedSecret is make sure the WebHook I am receiving is valid.


Does anyone else see this issue when testing their WebHook?


{ version: '0.1',
sharedSecret: '',
sentAt: '2019-11-11T07:22:40.656046Z',
organizationId: '***',
organizationName: 'IFM***',
networkId: 'L_******',
networkName: 'IFM***',
alertId: '',
alertType: 'Settings changed',
occurredAt: '2019-11-11T07:22:40.654907Z',
alertData: {} }

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Yes, we are aware that the sharedSecret is blank for the test, but for actual webhook alerts will contain whatever is configured.

Solutions Architect @ Cisco Meraki | API & Developer Ecosystem

Including the secret in the test would be extremely helpful. A bit difficult if you can't test something that actually implements the shared secret.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Yes, this needs to be fixed, and in the meantime, if the webhook receiver is not in your control (to accommodate the missing shared secret for the test), you can always test with the config change alert and make some trivial dashboard change.

Solutions Architect @ Cisco Meraki | API & Developer Ecosystem
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