/networks/{networkId}/clients API multiple values for vlan request parameter

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/networks/{networkId}/clients API multiple values for vlan request parameter

for the /networks/{networkId}/clients API you can include the "vlan" parameter:


e.g. /networks/{networkId}/clients?vlan=10


How do I encode multiple values for this parameter?


e.g. /networks/{networkId}/clients?vlan=(10 OR 20 OR 30)

or some other way. Is this supported? if so, how?


I noticed in the Meraki UI when selecting multiple VLANs to display they use this:

?q=(vlan:10 OR vlan:20 OR vlan:30)

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Getting noticed

The Parameter is listed as string (vs an array), so I'm not sure it's possible.


Other options.

1. Run the call again with the other vlan(s) you want.

2. Run the full call without vlan specified and then filter out the data in your script by the Vlans you want to include.  

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Yeah I was trying to avoid calling this api for each VLAN cause we have many VLANS

And the reason I'm asking is to be able to exclude some VLANs with excessive client counts.

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