API V0 and V1


API V0 and V1

Hello everyone,

I have started working with Meraki a few weeks ago and I have 3 questions

1- What is the difference between V0 getNetworkTraffic and V1 getNetworkApplianceUplinksUsageHistory?

2- Which is the substitute for V0 getNetworkTraffic?

3- My company is looking for the data that shows in the Sumary Report, is there an endpoint to get that specific data?(the data that comes from getNetworkTraffic seems to match, but it's deprecated)



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

getNetworkApplianceUplinksUsageHistory is the mx uplink statistics. Thats different then the generic traffic analiytics



Head in the Cloud

1. they do different things, one gives overall network traffic, the other returns a time series of appliance traffic per uplink.


2 the same call is there in v1   https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/api-v1/#!get-network-traffic




To replicate the 'summary report' you'd first need to have a precise definition of how each element in it is calculated, as far as I know that is not published info.


It'd certainly require multiple API calls.


A question like this has come up before, don't think there was ever any way to do it.


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