getNetworkEvents - specifying multiple event types

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getNetworkEvents - specifying multiple event types

Hello - I am having a hard time with getting multiple event types to be returned on the below call.


When I do them individually, they work, but when I try passing in an array containing multiple types, the return is only for one of them. 


from the API docs:



- includedEventTypes (array): A list of event types. The returned events will be filtered to only include events with these types.




eventTypes = ['radius_mac_auth', '8021x_eap_failure']

events =['id'], productType='switch',

for event in events['events']:




Getting noticed

Are you getting an error?  I just tested and didn't have an issue with your code.

no error - it just does not return both types of events, only one. 

I used 4 types in the array and it returned all 4 for me. 


Are you working with only one network or cycling through multiple?

only one network, but I verified the network I am testing has both types of events. I will continue to debug on my end if it appears to be working for you. Thanks for testing it! 

It appears to be working, maybe I was just getting so many of the radius_mac_auth events I was not seeing the eap_failure events. 


Thanks again! 

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