getNetworkClientSplashAuthorization api

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getNetworkClientSplashAuthorization api

Full disclosure, I am no programmer.  Never have been, might have to give it a go soon, though.

My question is 

Can that api call be used to get a list of every user who was on the last day, when they authenticated, and the username?

I'm trying different ways to go about this but can't do it.

Kind of a big deal

Have a look at the network events in the dashboard.  If that information is present, you could retrieve the events for the last 24 hours and filter out what you want.

Kind of a big deal

@oakparktech : Go with the Dashboard and filter as per the requirement rather than using API call as @PhilipDAth said !

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I see what you're saying, but that report does not give me the day the session will expire.

It does give me the "Date First Seen" but even that doesn't seem correct as I am seeing dates such as 8/24/2021.


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