Valid Role options for syslog servers

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Valid Role options for syslog servers

For syslog server settings, on the API docs, it is stated that valid options for role field are these: 'Wireless event log', 'Appliance event log', 'Switch event log', 'Air Marshal events', 'Flows', 'URLs', 'IDS alerts', 'Security events'


I have a combined (wireless / security / switch) network. For this network, I can successfully create a syslog server if I include any subset of role options except 'IDS alerts' and 'Security events'. If I include any one of these two, I get a 400 error with the following message: 'Please select at least one valid role for server_address:port'. I also don't see these 2 roles as options on the dashboard.


Is there a specific network type, account feature or anything for which these syslog role types are enabled? If that is the case, can I get that info from the API? Or maybe are these role types deprecated?

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