Switch Modules - Inventory Report

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Switch Modules - Inventory Report

I need the ability to include all module information (example below) for all devices to have a complete device inventory.  I currently have not discovered how to do this via the portal gui or the API.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


SFP module CISCO-MERAKI - 40GBASE-CR4: 10.3 Gbps (Part LRHSPC80D005, Serial: LRM20ZZZZZ-A )

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Re: Switch Modules - Inventory Report

Hi @Todd_Theoret,


We don't expose the module information via API. On Dashboard UI, browse to a switch, and then click on the port on the switch icon. You'll see the SFP module in the Status section - see below.


Configuration | Edit configuration
Description: Trunk port; allowed VLANs: all
RSTP: Forwarding 
Link negotiation: Auto negotiate (10 Gbps)
Port mirroring: Source port
Isolation: Disabled 
Usage: 2.41 TB (972.25 GB sent, 1.46 TB received) 
Traffic: 497.5 Mbps (130.9 Mbps sent, 366.6 Mbps received) 
SFP module: Meraki - Direct-Attach: 10.3 Gbps (Part: 600-22070-B, Serial: Q2GR-AEFW-QSF6)


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Re: Switch Modules - Inventory Report

Wow, is this the only way?


This is very cumbersome, we just installed a network with 200+ SFP modules. We need to generate a report for the customer to show the SFP's installed with serial numbers for the As Built documentation so that can claim the funds with a payment certificate.


This seems like a bit of an oversight on the dashboard side, specially with these hot swap-able items that can get lost over time.

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Re: Switch Modules - Inventory Report

I need this feature also.  While we don't have as many optics as Deviant, it seems that this should be available in a report.  We are in a situation where some SFPs need to be recalled and it's going to slow down the project if we have to drill into every SFP port manually in the dashboard.


Pretty please?


Re: Switch Modules - Inventory Report

I second this..

Would be pretty usefull as a MSP..

We have lots of orgs with a lot of networks with a lot of switches in which we use a pretty lot SFP's...

Some kind of API script or an overview from the dashboard (in inventoy/license page style) would save pools of time! instead of drilling down to each and every single SFP port on every single switch in every single network in every single org....


Meraki, you get my point... 😉




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Re: Switch Modules - Inventory Report

Has this changed yet.  I really need the ability to issue a command similar to ios "show inventory" or "show hardware".  Not being able to grab a listing of SFP types and serials is a HUGE miss.

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