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Switch Modules - Inventory Report

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Switch Modules - Inventory Report

I need the ability to include all module information (example below) for all devices to have a complete device inventory.  I currently have not discovered how to do this via the portal gui or the API.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


SFP module CISCO-MERAKI - 40GBASE-CR4: 10.3 Gbps (Part LRHSPC80D005, Serial: LRM20ZZZZZ-A )

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Re: Switch Modules - Inventory Report

Hi @Todd_Theoret,


We don't expose the module information via API. On Dashboard UI, browse to a switch, and then click on the port on the switch icon. You'll see the SFP module in the Status section - see below.


Configuration | Edit configuration
Description: Trunk port; allowed VLANs: all
RSTP: Forwarding 
Link negotiation: Auto negotiate (10 Gbps)
Port mirroring: Source port
Isolation: Disabled 
Usage: 2.41 TB (972.25 GB sent, 1.46 TB received) 
Traffic: 497.5 Mbps (130.9 Mbps sent, 366.6 Mbps received) 
SFP module: Meraki - Direct-Attach: 10.3 Gbps (Part: 600-22070-B, Serial: Q2GR-AEFW-QSF6)


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Re: Switch Modules - Inventory Report

Wow, is this the only way?


This is very cumbersome, we just installed a network with 200+ SFP modules. We need to generate a report for the customer to show the SFP's installed with serial numbers for the As Built documentation so that can claim the funds with a payment certificate.


This seems like a bit of an oversight on the dashboard side, specially with these hot swap-able items that can get lost over time.

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