Source-based static route endpoints?

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Source-based static route endpoints?

For a Configuration Template, under:

  • Security SD-WAN | Addressing & VLANs | Source-based static routes is possible to configure these in the UI.


The same does not seem to be true for the API.  Am I missing something?

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

@david_n_m_bond you are not missing it, you are correct, it appears this newer feature does not yet have parity on the API endpoint side.  I'll touch base with the MX team to make sure it's in the queue, likely is already but will ask. 

Thanks @MerakiDave.


We are currently going through ALL UI capabilities, looking to ensure full parity between API and UI (so your help is appreciated!)


Our current mission is to empower the .NET community (C# developers, mostly) to automate all aspects of Meraki.  You (and others) can follow our progress here: and


Best wishes,


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