Filtering on exact match

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Filtering on exact match



I discovered (while having an issue), that the result of Filtering was not what I wanted.

I wanted to get all networks having the tag "MYTAG"


So, I used!get-organization-networks , using the tags filter, it worked like a charm.

Then one day, I realized I had more networks than expected. Indeed, it also contained sites with the tag MYTAG-NEW.

It was for future migrations, so bad surprise.


It seems the check on tags is done with "contains".

Should not the call return only exact tag match, with a full string compare ? 


Maybe add an option, like for tagsFilterType : tagsFilterMethod, could be "exactMatch" or "contains".

Or by default to be exact match, and using a '*' char if we want to match something else.



Thank you



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

@Guillaume6hat understood, it's basically acting the way you might expect if you were looking at a flex table in the UI and typed MYTAG into the search box.  I'll take a look and submit a feature request if there already isn't one for exactMatch versus contains. 

You're right. That is also not perfect 😅 

If there could be an option on the dashboard to have an exact match as well, like putting in double quotes for example, that would be awesome.

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