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Shutting down an iPad via API


Shutting down an iPad via API


I need to manage a few iPads in kiosk mode so I setup a profile forcing a single app policy in System Manager. However, this way I can no longer power off the devices manually (unless I've missed something), the only way to shut down the iPads is to use the Power Control / Shutdown feature .

So I thought to schedule the device shutdown via API, daily, but I didn't find anything useful in the API documentation, did I miss something? Any better ideas to handle the kiosk mode?

Thank you

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Re: Shutting down an iPad via API

from JAMF nation:


"Posted: 5/16/16 at 4:57 PM by RodrigoNunez

I have found that you can turn the iPads off by pressing the Sleep/Wake Button along with the Home Button for about 8 seconds with the iPad unplugged. If you perform this function when the iPad is plugged in, it will just restart. After the iPad is off you can then turn on the iPad by either pressing the Sleep/Wake Button or by plugging it in to power."


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Re: Shutting down an iPad via API

Thank you, it works. I already went so far as to turn off the iPad as you wrote it, but I didn't think of disconnecting the charger.

Since apparently there is no way to shut down a mobile device via Meraki API, this is an viable workaround. After all, I was looking for an API solution because I couldn't turn the iPad off by hand.


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Re: Shutting down an iPad via API



Assuming the devices are MDM enrolled you should be able to use the Power control settings and selecting Shutdown.



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Re: Shutting down an iPad via API

Thank you, devices are MDM enrolled and I already found this option, my need is to schedule it daily.

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