Send a network Alert via a WebHook to Microsoft Teams

Kind of a big deal

Send a network Alert via a WebHook to Microsoft Teams

I've created a custom template for Microsoft Teams to allow network alerts to be sent via a WebHook to a Microsoft Teams channel.


You can find it under "microsoft-teams" in Git Hub. 

Kind of a big deal

@PhilipDAth : Awesome !

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Greetings @PhilipDAth , I have been practicing with the meraki APIs for a short time and I am trying to send meraki alerts to microsoft teams. The publication caught my attention, I tried to test the template in my meraki dashboard but it doesn't work for me, it gives me the following



The only thing I edited was the API key, the orgName and the netName.

Could you please help me to make it work


Thank you

Kind of a big deal

You don't need to use anything third party now.  Microsoft Teams support for webhooks is now built into the Meraki Dashboard.


Check out this page (and then click next for the rest of the instructions):!microsoft-teams-included 

Thank you
I made a custom body.liquid, tested it with postman and it worked. But I have tried to upload the template via API to my dashboard and I have not succeeded, how do I do it?

Is there a way to push out the webhook alert settings to all networks? I tried and failed. Normally I can get the alert settings from a "template" and push those out. But it did not seem to work for the webhooks for teams. Any suggestions?

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All Microsoft Teams channels have a unique email address (right click channel name and select Get Email Address)


I used this to send all alerts to a dedicated Teams channel

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