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Provision wired clients.

Getting noticed

Provision wired clients.

I am trying to provision clients into Meraki with this API (goal is renaming clients)

This works well with wireless clients, however, this will not rename/provision wired clients.


Does this API support Wired client? Do you know any workaround or solution for this?




Getting noticed

Re: Provision wired clients.

I just tried it, it does not seem to be an option to utilize Postman to update the Client Name.

It shows that it works, this is the returned values:


    "mac": "00:00:00:00:00:99",
    "clientId": "1k1k1k1",
    "name": "Test",
    "devicePolicy": "Normal"

But when you do a get on the client, the description does not change.

Getting noticed

Re: Provision wired clients.

By the way, check out this post about applying Group Policies and changing names. It only seems to apply to Wireless clients.

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