Need to know the the different types of states we get in our API response

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Need to know the the different types of states we get in our API response

Hi @All 

API: GET  /organizations/{organizationId}/appliance/vpn/statuses

Need to know the different types of reachability states (i.e enum) for MerakiVpnPeer and thirdPartyVpnPeers that we get when we query the above mentioned API. 

Currently in Meraki developer hub, under schema definition for reachability the states was not provided, please find the screenshot below,


Thanks in Advance, kindly provide some insights on this!

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Getting noticed

"merakiVpnPeers": [
"networkId": "L_6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2",
"networkName": "myNetworkName",
"reachability": "reachable"

This is the output from my test environment. I think it will be "reachable" and "unreachable".

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In general, AP states match those in Dashboard documentation for the device/function, as a first step that's where I'd look/search.

See and you'll find it matches what @pdeleuw says.

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@pdeleuw @sungod 

Thanks for your reply.

In the documentation shared by @sungod there is state called Some peers are unreachable what will be the API reply status for this state.

Or there are only 2 states ("reachable" and "unreachable") as mentioned by @pdeleuw

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The response has an array of individual peers, an individual peer can only be either reachable or unreachable.

IMO the Dashboard "Some peers are unreachable" simply means there are least two peers with at least one peer in each state, i.e. it's a 'calculated state' from the list of individual peer states.

The API response shows each peer individually. Each peer has a defined state, unreachable or reachable. The API response shows no "summary state" as the dashboard does.

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