Meraki Webhook Postman Collection

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Meraki Webhook Postman Collection

I'm trying to create an endpoint to use with Meraki's webhook functionality. The [documentation][1] for webhooks directs me to a [Postman collection][2] to examine several sample alert messages and send them on demand for testing, however I get a 404 error when accessing that URL. Is there an updated link somewhere?




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Kind of a big deal

@DexterLaBora I think you may be able to help here?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

We recently published a sample for all Webhook alerts. You can see them here:!webhook-sample-alerts

We'll fix the broken link, thanks for reporting! 
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Thanks for reporting.


The new link is here:


I've also updated the link within the docs page:





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