Meraki Tools add-on for Google Sheets - Updated!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Meraki Tools add-on for Google Sheets - Updated!

There have been some exciting new updates added to Meraki Tools!


If you don't know, this Google Sheets add-on enables you to easily query the Meraki API and insert the formatted data into the Sheet. No coding required. Simply browse the available "reports" for the information you are looking for, fill in the query form and print to sheet!


What's New?

Custom Cell Function

Now you can easily fetch Meraki data from a cell function and have the results inserted into the sheet. 


 =merakiFetchReport(url, apiKey, title, refresh)



Dynamic report option

This new button will insert a dynamic report utilizing the new custom function. This allows you to configure all of your query parameters required for the API call. 




With this new capability, you can build custom dashboards using Google's Explore tool to quickly build charts, graphs and pivot tables that stay up to date.


DexterLaBora_6-1652352571983.png.           DexterLaBora_5-1652352416780.png




OpenAPI spec selector

You may have access to beta or customer specific features limited to an organization. 

Now you can select the version of the API.



Custom report for the OpenAPI specification

You may want to explore some common properties of the API, like the path, operationId or parameters. The natural JSON is pretty difficult to parse, so this custom report extracts the most important information and flattens the data into Sheet format.




MT sensor query selectors

Some additional query selectors, such as "metrics" have been updated to better support the new MT sensor options. 





Add Meraki Tools to your Google Sheets now!

Visit the Google Marketplace to get the add-on.


Or, add it from within your Google Sheets
Toolbar --> Extensions --> Add-ons --> Get Addo-ons --> Search: Meraki Tools



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@DexterLaBora : Thanks for the update 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm looking forward to the Excel version ... you know, the #1 used BI tool globally, by a long way.

Here to help

I really like the addon but its broken again.  Reports run (can see the JSON results in the addon column) but the data is not getting printed to the sheet.


Is there a fix for this?  My team struggle using Postman/API calls to pull the JSON data then having to convert to CVS/Excel.

Thanks for reporting. I'll look at who the json to csv parsing is timing out.


What report were you running exactly and how many results are you expecting when the error occurs. 

@DexterLaBora thanks for the quick response.


Initially, I was trying to run the "Organization Networks" report but it would never populate the data into the sheet even though the JSON data was available.  We have over 200 Networks in one Org and ~40 in the other.  Since that did not work, I tried something simple, like trying to list all my Org's (3 Orgs).  But I got the same results, the JSON data was there but would not populate the sheet.

Hmm, so I just tried it using the Firefox browser and it's working. So it must be something with my Brave/Chrome browser.  I have Shields disabled and even reviewed the browser extensions to see what else could be interfering.  🤷‍

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