Meraki Spalsh page customization

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Meraki Spalsh page customization



Team we have implemented around 2000+ Meraki 55 AP's in our customer location.


We are facing issue in Meraki Splash page where  we have seen SING IN button at the bottom after the Consent message .


We need your help to customize this Sign in button to the top of the consent message , Customization options does not have edit options to accomplish this.






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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Sathya : Check this out


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Under Wireless -> Splash page,  You either have or would create a Custom Theme.

From there you edit that theme.  Choose the HTML file that matches what you are working with. (likely Continue.html)

Edit the HTML Code to move the "button" where you want it in the page.


** <a class="button" href="$MERAKI:AUTH_AND_CONTINUE_URL$" title="Continue to the Internet">$MERAKI:CONTINUE_TO_THE_INTERNET$</a>



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