Meraki API for LTE information


Meraki API for LTE information



I am new to Meraki community. I am interested in knowing the api details to retrieve the LTE information like, IMEI,RSSI,Service,IP address, Signal Strength, Service for a network id?


I could not find it in the dashboard api


Anyhelp would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

hi. there is a lot not yet possible with the API. if you cant find it in the docs its probably not possible currently.


I had looked at the API list in this link
Please confirm this is the correct one. If I am missing any other link, please provide it.

Kind of a big deal

I believe it is. There's also the one, but I think it's identical.

Thank you @BrechtSchamp 


In the postman link, I could see the following url,


GET /networks/[network_id]/sm/devices

  This request will give additional fields for the devices in network id.

Additional field includes, iccid, imei which I am looking for. Other fields are not availble.


Is there a way, we can confirm about this? do we have any contact number for API support?


Thanks in advance

Kind of a big deal

Those are calls for endpoints managed by Meraki Systems Manager, Meraki's Mobile Device Management (PCs, Smartphones, tablets). Not what you're looking for I think?

Thanks @BrechtSchamp 

Here to help

We have been working with Meraki engineering and product for a while on this.  There is beta MX code which will provide this information for you and/or will provide for you are tweaks and proofing continues.  Please reference:  MX15 code. 


Getting noticed

Old posting but figured I'd share some information as I was looking for it today.


Cellular Gateway IMEI information can be found in this API call:!get-organization-devices


Why it is not in the main cellular gateway API call I am not sure.  Wished.!get-organization-cellular-gateway-uplink-statuses


This is only true for devices on the network. I'm only getting a handful of MGs with the API call below.  We have 250 that are unclaimed.  I can probably come up with a python script to create a dummy network and add the devices to get the information. 


response = dashboard.organizations.getOrganizationDevices(
    ORGID, total_pages='all',models='MG41'
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