Looking for Meraki Streaming APIs to collect the data instead of polling the REST APIs

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Looking for Meraki Streaming APIs to collect the data instead of polling the REST APIs

Hi All,


Can some one help in finding the solution to get the Streaming/Real time data from Meraki Dashboard instead of polling the REST APIs.


Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Anupma, 

what data do would you like to have streamed, in realtime?


Check out the following documentation. There are possible options described how to get informed if something 

happens. Syslog, Webhooks/API  or SNMP. 

With webhooks you can log the events directly as a sample into a Webex Teams space.




Is it that what you are looking for?



Hi Roger,


I am trying to gether the client usage/network usage real time datawith out any delay, for the analysis.

Currently pooling the APIs are adding minimum 5 mins of delay in data gethering/processing etc.


So was looking, if Meraki can send me the delta values (if there is any chnage) to my https server.


I also checked the webhook, but that is mainly for the alerting (i.e. if there is any breach as per the setup).


Looking for your suggestions.



Hi Anupma, 

thanks for your feedback. I am not aware of any other way to get detailed info's on client usage.


Just have seen this post on new API Release.



There is  a new call on clients...but i guess i will not release the detailed information you are looking for




Kind of a big deal

The only streaming API available is the Scanning API that's for location data. 




Not streaming, but there is also Webhooks available. 




Other than those two options you must poll the Dashboard API for all other data. 

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