Location of APs on floor plan

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Location of APs on floor plan

Hi, there is a way to have x,y of AP devices once a floor plan is loaded and configured? Otherwise there is a way to get floor plan geolocation, scale and rotation to build a transformation matrix for coordinates?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The data elements returned by the scanning API include this info.



x[decimal]JSON array of x offsets (in meters) from lower-left corner of each floorplan
y[decimal]JSON array of y offsets (in meteres) from lower-left corner of each floorplan

Hi, I would like the position of the Ads, not the clients.

Webfrank - you're grappling with the same problem I am. The Scanning API provides (for each client) a list of floorplans upon which it's appeared, and the x and y offset (in meters!) for the location.


However, there doesn't appear to be any method provided for connecting the Meraki floorplans with this information, at all. It's most strange.

Kind of a big deal

The Dashboard API provides the Latitude and Longitude of a device, e.g. an AP (obviously based on where you position it), and likewise the Scanning API provides the Latitude and Longitude of an endpoint/client (which is based on correctly aligning your imported floor plans with Google Maps), so you should be able to achieve whatever you require one way or another.

Yes, if you build a mechanism for the alignment of a building / floorplan against a set geography of latitude and longitude. However you're then asking the user to do this once in additional software/add-on, and once in Dashboard. As a result there is room for error where there doesn't really need to be.


However the Scanning API provides x and y co-ordinates, and the list of floorplans upon which it's seen/present. There is no way to link the Meraki (already geographically aligned floorplan) with these co-ordinates, or (at worst case facilitate upload) without either the pixel-scale of the floorplan supplied, or the a mechanism for obtaining the specific location of the floorplan. 

Sorry, I meant to add the following:


There is an endpoint which states the rotation, and flex points. However it requires a user to login and obtain.




Again, without heavy automation, you're somewhat at the behest of a user obtaining this themselves and working it through from there - but it's perhaps better than nothing.

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