Is there a way to configure ports on an MX64 or MX65 via API?

Getting noticed

Is there a way to configure ports on an MX64 or MX65 via API?

I would have thought this to be a no-brainer but it looks like the "Switch Ports" section of the documentation doesn't cover the LAN ports of security appliances like the MX64 and MX65.  Am I missing something obvious or am I out of luck?

Kind of a big deal

Given MX switch ports are not configured in the same way as MS units I would say your are not missing anything and this is likely normal behaviour.

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Getting noticed

Like Blake said, they are not actually switch ports. You can assign basic things but if you are thinking about LACP or something in them lines you are not going to get that functionality. If you let us know what your trying to do someone might be able to point you in the direction of a solution that will still get done what you want.

Our Meraki account engineer helped me come up with a workaround so now I've got it as close to 100% automated as I can get it while I wait for Meraki to expand their API to support General->Netflow and Firewall->Port Forwarding settings.

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