Get Network Connection Stats returns null

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Get Network Connection Stats returns null

Trying to use


I've tried on two different network ID's, with a few combinations:

 - No query params

 - timespan=300

 - timespan=300 + ssid=0


It always just returns null unless I botch the params. Am I missing a requirement for using this call?

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Good Morning,


I tried to use the connection status using Python, and the return result.


Here is a part of the code i used. Network_Id is of course the Network ID




param = {}
param['timespan'] = 360

reponse = dashboard.wireless_health.getNetworkConnectionStats(network_id,**param)

And the response it gave me is ;
   'assoc': 1,
   'auth': 2,
   'dhcp': 0,
   'dns': 0,
   'success': 2




print(dashboard.wireless_health.getNetworkConnectionStats(networkId="L_12345678987654321",timespan=432000, ssid=0))





This works too 😉 .

Thanks for helping me confirm!


The API apparently returns 'null' instead of zeros when there haven't been any connection attempts in the specified timespan.



    "assoc": 0,
    "auth": 0,
    "dhcp": 0,
    "dns": 0,
    "success": 0





Kind of a big deal

Ah yes, it does that.


I agree that the output you expected would've been nicer.

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I have to agree on that one.... None is no value at all (in programming)

i Guess there is always room for improvement 😉


Good feedback on this endpoint. This one will need some love. Added to our ToDo list for v1. 



API Team

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