orgId type

Kind of a big deal

orgId type

I'm stuffing a lot of data into a database.


Is the orgId (such as returned by /organizations) type guaranteed to be a 64 bit integer?

Kind of a big deal

Looking at the API itself, it has to be a string:


 def getOrganization(self, organizationId: str):
        **Return an organization**
        - organizationId (string)
Meraki Employee

Treat all Meraki IDs as strings, even if not stated. Treating them as anything else, i.e. number/int/float, etc is prone to corrupting the value. If the OAS spec or docs are incorrect or ambiguous, let us know. The next version, v1, is paying special attention to accurately defining these.

What is the maximum length of an orgId?  I'm currently allowing for 16 characters.

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