Firmware Info via REST API

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Firmware Info via REST API

Hello all,


Is there an API call that allows you to view the Firmware version of a device? I could not find this in data returned by Network and OrgID calls. 


It looks like there's no calls for the Firmware update process as well. Having these methods would be extremely useful, as I work at an MSP. Are there any plans to support Firmware update via API calls, or even returned data with current Firmware version? 


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Kind of a big deal

There are no API calls that I'm aware of 😞

Kind of a big deal

I've got two major wishes for the API right now:


1. Pulling firmware versions.

2. Managing the client VPN when you're using Meraki Cloud credentials. 🙂


Maybe we'll get lucky soon.

Head in the Cloud

Hi Steve

I understand this shall not be possible.

You may also refer to the following communication


Shame to hear.

Thanks all for the replies

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