Certificate error when running api call from power automate

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Certificate error when running api call from power automate

Hi, I am trying to build a flow in power automate to get some basic information from the Cisco Meraki cloud. I am able to run the  API call by using Postman, Python, PowerShell, however, whenever I try to run the same call from Power Automate desktop or cloud, I am getting the same error and It fails from the begininng. "

"Error de la solicitud HTTP con el código de estado \"TrustFailure\" y el mensaje de estado: \"The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.\"."
Details of the call:
Of course it works from the Meraki site as well by providing the appropriate parameters.. 
I believe it is something related with the TLS certificate .... please I need your help...
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FAbio Castañeda 
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The megaproxy is being deprecated (if not already is..!), so try to avoid using that.


If you set the base url to api.meraki.com, what happens?

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