🔥 Announcement - OpenAPI v3 Officially Supported for Meraki Dashboard API 🔥

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

🔥 Announcement - OpenAPI v3 Officially Supported for Meraki Dashboard API 🔥

openapi.pngWe are excited to announce the rollout of OpenAPI v3 support for the Meraki Dashboard API! 



Our API has transformed significantly starting with the adoption of Swagger, now known as OpenAPI v2. The integration of the OpenAPI Specification has been crucial in streamlining our API development process and crafting a seamless experience for developers. We're taking a significant leap forward by adopting the OpenAPI v3 Specification. This significant update is a testimony to our commitment to fostering a high-quality API contract and equipping our developer community with the most up-to-date tools and technologies.


Key Improvements

The transition to OpenAPI v3 brings a lot of great stuff and new possibilities for developers. Here are some of the initial improvements we're implementing out of the gate:


  1. Callback Support for Async Operations: The introduction of callbacks in v3 paves the way for better handling of complex, multi-step operations and outgoing 'callback' webhooks for asynchronous APIs and push notifications. This empowers developers to manage intricate, time-consuming tasks more efficiently, improving overall performance. Stay tuned as we adopt some of these new features into the Dashboard API (hint: liveTools & actionBatches).
  2. Enhanced API Definitions: Providing API response schemas are critical for strongly typed languages to ensure the data and types are as expected. OASv3 has enhanced these capabilities by providing flexible options to define dynamic, additive, and conditional properties which the Dashboard API is taking advantage of. Creating SDKs for your favorite language should be easier and more reliable than ever before. 
  3. Improved Tooling and Validations: v3 introduces improved tools and validation mechanisms that streamline the API design, development, and testing processes. These enhancements ensure that the API's implementation aligns with its design, leading to a robust and reliable API experience.

Learn more here ➡️ OpenAPI v3 Officially Supported!

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Building a reputation

This is great news - thanks for this!


One note - I see that there is no information about string min/max lengths or other important field constraints.  This is really important information for Meraki systems integrators like us, otherwise the first thing we hear about a single field length constraint is when we get a "400 Bad Request" from the API.  It really shouldn't have to be on us to iterate every possible string length over every string field until we find the limit!


Similarly, int fields may have a minimum, maximum or multipleOf constraint (e.g. multipleOf 300 or 3600 for time ranges).


Please could this information be added?



Author, https://www.nuget.org/packages/Meraki.Api/
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