API(python) - dashboard.devices.getDeviceLldpCdp() returns empty dictionary randomly

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API(python) - dashboard.devices.getDeviceLldpCdp() returns empty dictionary randomly



device_types_to_query = 'MR52, MR53, MR56, MR74, MR76'

connected_switch_models = 'Cisco C9200L(24/48), Cisco C2960X(24/48), Cisco C4500's, Cisco C9400's full POE'


When performing - dashboard.devices.getDeviceLldpCdp(device['serial'])

Sometimes the return is an empty dictionary even though the information on the Meraki dashboard has the LLDP/CDP information.

It seems very random when this occurs and without particular reason that I can find.
Some devices connected the same switch will return the LLDP/CDP information just fine while randomly one will not.


Has anyone experienced this issue?

How is this information retrieved from the dashboard does the AP query the switch or is it pulled from storage?

Any insight would be appreciated.







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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi ,


Yes I have an open ticket on missing LLDP/CDP info. This ticket is linked to a known bug. It has been a couple months so maybe there is a fix soon ( I hope ! ) 

Thank you for the reply, do you happen to have a thread started about this issue that I may follow?

Here to help

I have had an open ticket on this same problem for the past month as well.
Up until recently I was using the LLDP/CDP data from the port statuses endpoint, but that stopped working properly on July 22nd so I opened a ticket for that and then I tried replacing that data with the LLDP/CDP specific API call even though it results in additional API calls making the whole procedure less efficient. Which seemed to work fine until I noticed the randomly missing data like you have described and opened another ticket.

I appreciate the reply, I've been noticing this issue for some time (6+ months), but I've never inquired about this issue and developed work arounds.

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