numbers after client names

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numbers after client names

We manage ipads using Meraki dashboard. All our ipad 'client names' have bracketed numbers after them. What do these numbers mean? Some are in to thousands. How do I remove them?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

are you sure that s not just the name that the ipad is default enrolled with? 

or maybe they all have the same name and meraki generates a random number behind it?


on the dashboard you can press on the client and change the name(dashboard name only). 

No, the iPads definitely have different names. Yes I can change the names so at least the numbers don't annoy me but still wondering what they mean? 

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Do you have some examples of the names?

If the devices were reset by Apple Configurator you can have then automatically name the devices en mass with an increasing number range.


Devices we purchase as new all come with either the name "iPod Touch" or "iPad X".


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@SchoolIT Can you upload a screenshot so we can see exactly what you are seeing please. 

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